ESD Protection Of Capacitive Touch

ESD Protection Of Capacitive Touch


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Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) Protection In Touch And. Electro-Static-Discharge (ESD) Protection in Touch and Display Driver Integrated (TDDI) Systems Stefan Wojick Advisor: Dr. Robert Pearson . 5/12/2015 1 . What is TDDI? • TDDI is a Synaptics Inc. product that merges a standard display driver integrated circuit (DDIC) with a capacitive touch controller on a single chip. • A DDIC is responsible for converting a digital image into the analog

ESD Protection Of Capacitive Touch. This is a follow-up to my question: How can I use a generic doorknob as a capacitive touch sensor? I am now ready to move beyond the proof-of-concept stage, but I have not yet learned of a satisfa

Techniques For Robust Touch Sensing Design. Layout techniques for ESD protection 6. Power supply grounding scenarios 7. Choosing VDD and bypass capacitors mTouch™ and RightTouch™ sensing solution systems have passed industry test standards in conducted and radiated susceptibility, and radiated emissions. This application note describes the important aspects of capacitive touch design which, when coupled with good printed circuit

Building A Capacitive Touch Interface With The Texas. Building a Capacitive Touch Interface with the Texas Instruments MSP430FR2633 one year ago by Mark Hughes The MSP430FR2633 is a low-power microcontroller with multiple GPIOs and capacitive touch pins. This project creates a circuit that supports a custom capacitive touch panel with LED and haptic feedback.

Capacitive Touch Hardware Design Guide (Rev. A. Introduction 1 Introduction Texas Instruments provides three major pieces of collateral for developing capacitive touch solutions: 1. This document, the Capacitive Touch Hardware Design Guide

FFECTS OF ESD PROTECTION DEVICES APACITIVE SENSING PERFORMANCE. internal ESD protection circuits tops out, its resistance increases causing an increase in the ESD voltage into the IC. Higher levels of external series resistance will decrease the current an ESD event can drive into the IC. The amount of series resistance can be selected by balancing ESD suppression levels and capacitive sensitivity required.

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